Who is this guy? Ê LEE HÄWKINS - Bio (The short version )

Ê LEE HÄWKINS is an old school singer-songwriter with an obsession for the pure classic outlaw country music from another time. The music leaves little doubt as to who Mr. HÄWKINS musical influences are. Towns, Willie, Merle, George and Johnny. At the top of that prestigious list and the biggest influence is the Late Great Hank Williams. The first single "Type O Negative" offers a taste of great things to come. This new/old sound was created to shake the current Nashville scene out of its designer boots and hats and serve as wakeup call to an industry who's only focus in the last ten years has been cookie cutter artists and a flawed obsession youth and style over substance.




House Concert Tour 2019 Dates Coming Soon!

E. is currently in the studio. Watch for his debut album coming soon!